Rapid and reliable tools for monitoring cleanliness in hospitals

Infections which spread through hand-touch sites are a significant problem in healthcare. To prevent the spread, it is important to stop the transmission from the clinical environment. This is achieved by focusing on surface hygiene and the quality of cleaning. Clean Card PRO and Hygicult® tests enable you to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Regular hygiene monitoring with Clean Card PRO and Hygicult helps reducing the spread of infections

Hospitals are busy environments where healthcare workers, patients and visitors are in close contact with each other and the risk of spread through human-to-human contact is significant. Good hand hygiene and correct work methods are the cornerstones of infection control and prevention, but it is also essential to eliminate the transmission of infection from surfaces by paying attention to surface hygiene and the quality of cleaning.

It is not sufficient to inspect surfaces visually, an objective assessment is needed for surfaces which are critical to health.

The goal of monitoring the cleanliness is to prevent infections from spreading and to objectively determine the best aseptic practices.

Surface hygiene tests are used for the following applications:

  • Hospital cleaning – monitoring the efficiency of facility management, cleaning and disinfection practices and ensuring aseptic surfaces
  • Sterile services – verification of the efficiency of cleaning and the cleanliness of the instruments, ISO 15883
  • Dental care – ensuring the hygiene of the practices and the environment, as well as instrument hygiene
  • Laboratories, hospital pharmacies – verifying the cleanliness of laminar flow cabinets, environmental controls and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes conforming to GMP requirements
  • Food supplies – in-house control
  • Textile services – ensuring the cleanliness of textiles used in healthcare, EN 14065

Additionally, hygiene tests are useful for improving work safety practices and working methods, and can be of great assistance in training and education.

Clean Card PRO for rapidly monitoring cleaning efficiency

Clean Card PRO is an easy-to-use surface hygiene test that provides instant feedback on the cleanliness of surfaces. It measures protein residues, the presence of which indicates insufficient cleaning. 

Clean Card PRO

Hygicult tests for managing microbiological cleanliness

Hygicult contact slides enable easy and reliable microbiological monitoring. Hygicult tests are suitable for the continuous monitoring of the microbiological cleanliness of surfaces.

Hygicult TPC and E are AOAC validated test methods.


Our tests are immediately ready to use. No special equipment or expertise is required.

Published May, 12 2016