Use of the UniQ® ICTP RIA kit in monitoring bone metastasis of cancer

Bone metastasis of cancer

Osteolytic bone metastases are frequent in patients with advanced cancer of the breast, lung, and (to a lesser extent) the prostate. Roentgenography, bone scintigraphy, and bone biopsies are commonly used for the early identification and follow-up of these conditions. These methods have though marked shortcomings as they are all static methods giving a picture of the current situation in bone but not telling about rate of changes taking place in bone. Metabolic bone markers have been shown to be a useful tool for monitoring metastatic bone activity.

It has been shown that there are two different pathways of bone resorption: the cathepsin K-mediated pathway, which is active during physiological resorption of bone, and the matrix metalloproteinase pathway, which functions mainly in pathological situations. ICTP specifically reflects matrix metalloproteinase-mediated pathological degradation of bone collagen1,2. ICTP is thus a highly specific marker of bone degradation in bone metastasis and constitutes a sensitive and easy means of detecting bone metastases of cancer3-5 and monitoring the response to treatment6.

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Published January 4, 2017