Social Media Policy

Currently Aidian is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Links to Aidian’s social media channels can be found at and at:

Aidian’s activities on social media focus only on general information on our products or recruitment, diagnostics and general business news.

If questions related to detailed product feature/s are posted on the social media channel, the sender is requested to send the question to our private channels, i.e., in order to receive an answer.

Aidian social media team hopes that the social media writers adhere to good manners and polite style in commenting. We reserve a right to delete comments on our social media channel in certain cases. Such cases are, for example:

  • If a comment is written by using inappropriate language. Also, comments referring to violations of religious or ethnic background, political views or privacy will be removed. In addition, the texts which have no connection to the subject will be deleted.
  • If the comment is on a specific product feature or diagnosis. The provision of information on medical devices, IVD products and diagnostic tests is strictly regulated and we cannot guarantee that the comment fulfills their requirements.
  • If a person comments on medical issues, instructions or diagnosis which we cannot reply to.

If you have comments or questions on our products, kindly be in contact with your local distributor or our sales unit or send your question to our email:

Be in contact

In some cases we have to remove the comments in our sole discretion because of some other than the above mentioned reasons. If we remove a comment you consider unjustified, please contact us:


Aidian is not responsible for any comments by external persons on our social media channels, nor the actions, conclusions or (direct or indirect) damages based on the above mentioned. Aidian’s social media channels may contain links to external sites. Aidian is not responsible for the contents published by external parties.