Disposal of QuikRead go Instrument in Germany

This page informs you about the correct disposal process of QuikRead go Instrument in Germany.

The WEEE directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment; 2012/19/EU), implemented in German law by the "Law on the marketing, return and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act - ElektroG)", aims to reduce the increasing amount of electronic waste from electrical and electronic equipment that is no longer used. The objective is to avoid, reduce, and dispose of the increasing quantities of electronic waste in an environmentally sound manner through extended producer responsibility. Additionally, the German Batteries Act (“BattG2”) is a German implementation of the European Batteries Directive 2006/66/EY, aiming to ensure that batteries are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner and that battery manufacturers meet their responsibilities for disposal. Aidian is committed to the obligations of these regulations.

When your QuikRead go Instrument has come to the end of its life cycle, please follow these instructions to dispose of the old device appropriately. Please note that these instructions apply only to customers within Germany.

Data protection

Used QuikRead go Instrument may contain sensitive patient data. Please note, that the end user of the device is responsible for deleting all the data on the old devices to be disposed of.

To delete the data, go to Settings > Results > Delete result history.


Before sending QuikRead go Instrument to recycling, disinfect the external (see the Section “Cleaning the instrument” from the instrument's IFU) and internal surfaces of the device. To decontaminate the inside of the device, open the lid and spray 5% sodium hypochlorite into the instrument through the cuvette hole. Let the disinfectant dry for 24 h before sending QuikRead go Instrument for recycling. For your safety, use chemical-resistant gloves, and follow the instructions in the safety data sheet of the disinfectant.

Take-back and recycling

QuikRead go Instrument is developed and marketed for professional use. Accordingly, it has been recognized by the responsible German agency Stiftung EAR (Elektro- Altgeräte Register) as B2B (business to business) product. The ElektroG registration number for QuikRead go Instrument is DE 28920875.

Additionally, Aidian is registered under registration number DE 38945920 according to the BattG2 law.

When your QuikRead go Instrument has come to end of its life cycle and you need to recycle it, please contact: https://b2btool.earn-service.com/aidian-shipment/parcelselect and fill-out the questionnaire.