We are a responsible employer committed to enhancing ethical working practices. Lawful business operations are essential for us in all situations. We want our employees to feel they are doing meaningful work in a well-managed working environment.

Promoting continuous learning and well-being of our employees

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Our employees

The foundation of our operations is our professional and committed personnel. Our employees are our most important asset. We are committed to treating all our employees equally, fairly and with respect. We want to be an excellent workplace and offer our employees a healthy and safe working environment.

Well-being and competence management

We want our employees to feel they are doing meaningful work that corresponds to their skills in a well-managed working environment. Taking care of the continuous development of both well-being and skills of our employees is important for us. The prerequisite for well-being and success at work is that each employee knows the targets set for their work, receives feedback on their performance and experiences success at work.

As the operating environment changes, continuous development of the personnel’s skills will play an increasingly important role. Each employee at Aidian has equal possibilities to succeed and develop in their own work. We provide diverse career and development opportunities in various positions.

Human rights and anti-corruption

Our aim is to comply with human rights obligations in all our operations. We strive to ensure that there are no violations of human rights in our own operations or those of our subcontractors, suppliers, and other collaboration partners. We are committed to and respect the principles and values of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the principles in ILO conventions, and we expect the same from our partners.

Aidian is engaged in the international fight against bribery and corruption and participates in the UN Global Compact. Aidian is committed to a strong work ethic and strictly prohibits its employees, suppliers, service providers, partners, and distributors from engaging in bribery and corruption, as well as any conduct which could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of such illegal activities. Aidian has implemented fair competition guidelines as Aidian's Code of Ethical Business Practice.